July 4th Decor

July 3, 2012 at 11:10 am 2 comments

I don’t know how it happened but I turned around and suddenly tomorrow is July 4th.  I must be caught in a loop of the space-time-continuum (Star Trek fans will understand my dilemma)! 

Anyho, I’ve always been extremely jealous admired those talented bloggers who annually whip up patriotic decor to go alongside their fabulous Fourth of July dishes. And this was the year I was determined to join their crafty ranks.

 However, being that tomorrow is, unbelievably, the 4th, I’m scrambling to find some projects I can bang out tonight.

Here’s a few I thought I could possibly try to do tonight and some that are just plain cool:

4th of July rice and beans


     Are you noticing a theme here?   

The layering of dyed rice and /or beans seems to be the easiest option for a last-minute craft.  I like this tablecloth idea as well:

Simple and fairly easy to sew, but is there enough time?????

This one I can definitely do.  Looks yummy too.  Maybe the kids can help…..


Maybe I can make these beauties tonight:

They look fun.

Looks like I’m off to the store after work today, wish me luck!   What are your July 4th plans?


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