Dinner Success

August 17, 2012 at 9:52 am Leave a comment

Serving a successful, i.e. “mom, this is really good”, dinner to your family is not normally a post-worthy moment for most people but for those of us who are fundamentally culinary challenged, its kind of big deal.  So much so, that I’ve even created a blog category on this site, “Recipes My Family Actually Enjoys” which includes my rare gastronomic successes and my amazing “dinners out of nothing” where I miraculously whip up a tasty meal from various food scraps I have sitting in my refrig.

Enter last night’s concoction I call “Riding on Suddenly Salad’s Coattails“.

I used:  1 box of Suddenly Salad Ranch

  about 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

 extra penne pasta

 cherry tomatoes


I grilled up the chicken breast topped with some poultry seasoning.  While that was cooking I put a large pot of salted water to boil.

Once boiled, I threw in the pasta from the Suddenly Salad box that I had on hand and added extra penne pasta to the pot.  Following the directions on the box I mixed up the Suddenly Salad sauce and added the cooked pasta and mixed well.  Chopped up some tomatoes and tossed them into the pasta.  I thinly sliced about 3 large chicken breasts and tossed them into the salad as well. Done.

The salad is supposed to be served cold but I kept everything warm and doled it out as I was in a hurry to get my son to his hockey game.

Verdict:  Everyone, even Emily who despises sauces of every kind, liked the dinner.  A true “This is really good Mom” moment.  Sweet!


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