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Pintrest Challenge Complete

The Pinterest Challenge hosted by Kate at Censational Girl inspired me to try to organize my under sink storage.

Here are some of the inspirational pins posted by blogger 17 Apart:

I thought the use of a tension rod was a clever way to make the cleaners accessible and create more space.  So I tried it out myself.  Now, I have to confess that I just got right down to it and forgot to take any before pictures, my bad.  But, you know yourself, when the cleaning bug hits you go with it! It’s a universal rule, that, and never wake up a sleeping baby.

Since I don’t have any before pictures, let me just give you an idea of what the sink looked like before I started.


Not exact but you get the idea and my sink does have that annoying bar going down the middle which makes access to anything a little difficult.

I pulled everything out, purged the stuff that was no longer needed, cleaned the base of the cabinet (can I just say, YUCK.) and set everything back.

The crock pot has to stay for the time being until I can work through the rest of the kitchen cabinets to find a place for it.  But at least now, my cleaning supplies are in order.  I put the most often used items on the right and the lesser used cleaners behind the annoying bar in the middle.

I also reorganized the “wrap center” of tin foil and plastic wrap which I will eventually move to a more convenient location.          

There you have it, another item crossed off my Household to do List. The best part is that is didn’t cost me a dime.  The tension rod was left over from a curtain change in my bedroom and I reused the wire baskets from under the sink.   Have you done a Pinterest Challenge lately?


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Minor Accomplishments and Major Milestones

Happy Fourth Everyone!  Hope you all had an enjoyable day.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the anticipated rain held off so everyone could see the fireworks.

I even managed to get a few crafts in the night before to help celebrate.  First up, my take on the patriotic rice display:

Ultimate Blogger Version:

My version (don’t laugh):

My daughter helped dye the rice and put this together, so if Emily’s happy with it, so am I.

Next, I put my culinary skills to the test to make some patriotic strawberries:

(mine)                                                                                             (theirs)


Lastly, I made some of these…

…and promptly forgot to take them out of the freezer and use them, but trust me, they came out EXACTLY the same.  Oh yes they did.

Good news, I found the cord to my digital camera that I needed to connect to my computer, yeah! (Naturally, I found it AFTER I purchased a new one – ugh.) So now I can post some more pics.

Major milestone in our house – we said goodbye to elementary school. My youngest is now a 6th grade middle schooler, my Lord, where did the time go.  My kids were fortunate enough to have had a great elementary school, the teachers, staff and fellow students were all fantastic.  I will truly miss it.  Even my eldest who will be a senior, went back to visit her old teachers.

Last day at the bus stop.  My son (on the right) and his buddy both dressed up for the occasion (both were also wearing sneakers which I cut out of the picture).

Hanging out with proud big sis:









My parents drove up from Long Island for the big day – so sweet of them.










Proud dad. 

So now my little man is off to middle school, he’s not a baby any more.  I knew that of course, but the march of time is really sinking in now.  I can only hope he’s does well in his new school and can handle the changes that are coming.  I’m sure he will.

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July 4th Decor

I don’t know how it happened but I turned around and suddenly tomorrow is July 4th.  I must be caught in a loop of the space-time-continuum (Star Trek fans will understand my dilemma)! 

Anyho, I’ve always been extremely jealous admired those talented bloggers who annually whip up patriotic decor to go alongside their fabulous Fourth of July dishes. And this was the year I was determined to join their crafty ranks.

 However, being that tomorrow is, unbelievably, the 4th, I’m scrambling to find some projects I can bang out tonight.

Here’s a few I thought I could possibly try to do tonight and some that are just plain cool:

4th of July rice and beans


     Are you noticing a theme here?   

The layering of dyed rice and /or beans seems to be the easiest option for a last-minute craft.  I like this tablecloth idea as well:

Simple and fairly easy to sew, but is there enough time?????

This one I can definitely do.  Looks yummy too.  Maybe the kids can help…..


Maybe I can make these beauties tonight:

They look fun.

Looks like I’m off to the store after work today, wish me luck!   What are your July 4th plans?

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I would be truly happy here

this is my dream kitchen:

I found this picture on   I absolutely love it!  What do you think?  Would your family be happy here?  I think mine would.  At least, I would be happy, ergo, they would be happy.  You know how that old saying goes, “If Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  The reverse is true as well.

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Kitchen Dreamin’

One day, when the planets align and the goddess of all things financial, plants a money tree in my backyard, I will have new kitchen.  In the meantime, I’ll just keep collecting inspiration from the blogosphere and putting them in my wish folder. 

Here are a few of my favs:

 Breakfast bar

 Love the island and the tile backsplash.





Kitchen island with marble top.






I like the open feel and the french doors.





More of that open feeling.






Buffet station/bar with fantastic wine cork backsplash!







Yellow island and breakfast bar.  Love.










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