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Where the Hell Have You Been?

No, not you, me actually. 

Where the hell have I been?  Treading water mostly.  Just trying to keep ahead of it all.  I didn’t really have much to say.  Scratch that.  I had plenty to say just not much of it – nice, and I didn’t want to be Miss Whiney Hiney blogger Bi-otch. So, I haven’t posted for quiet some time. 

And, my son’s hockey season started so any free time I may have had went right out the window.  AND in a particularly brilliant maneuver on my part my brain squeezed out a fart and I said, “Sure, I’d love to be the team manager!”….????  What was I thinking? Organize a fundraiser?, team uniforms?, state championship paperwork?  No problem!!  Yep.  had a big ‘ol brain fart.

Anyway, so here I am at the tail end of the season and finally looking at my blog again.

So, how’ve you been?  I’ve missed you. I’ve missed the process of writing too.

Lots going on.   My baby sis got remarried to a great guy and is now the proud matriarch of  a family of 9!  3 hers, 4 his – all great kids. I’m so happy for them both.  They threw a great party and hopefully I’ll get some pictures up soon.  Spoiler alert:  she had a hairstylist and makeup artist for the wedding party and I was all glammed up with fake eyelashes (a first) and everything!

(Ok, I’ve just tried to publish this post and my pictures are not showing up.  WordPress is starting to piss me off.)


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The Joy of Playing the Game

Hockey is an expensive sport. Ask anyone with kids involved in hockey and they will tell you, it is a big financial committment. It is also the greatest game on the planet, an opinion, I’m convinced, you can only come to if your child plays or you yourself have laced up a pair of skates and hit the ice. There is truly nothing like playing hockey, which is way parents all over the US continue to shell out ridiculous amounts of money for their children to slap a puck around a frozen arena.
This past weekend my son’s team played in the NY State championships for his age level. His team was one of the 8 that qualified to represent their part of the state in this final tournament. The best of the best. It was a pretty big deal.

His team played their little hearts out, won 1 game and lost 2 which prevented them from moving on in the tournament.  After losing 6-1 in their third game, which was a must win for them to continue in the tournament, all the players flew off the bench, hugged their goalie, and smiled at their cheering parents before shaking hands with the opposing team and heading off to the locker room.  They knew they gave it all they had.  No regrets.

We were so proud of our kids.  They played hard till the end, despite the score.  They played because they love to play the game of hockey.

Here is a picture of the team when they came out of the locker room after their last game together.

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Weekend Update with your host…..

Hi All!

Busy weekend around our household. Lots of activities and running around.  For starters, my little man’s team won their league championships, yeah!  He even scored  goal in the championship game, double yeah!! (He’s the one on the left, kneeling in front of the banner.)

Next up, I took my oldest out for a few driving lessons around the neighborhood.  Very exciting, and a little scary, but she’s actually pretty good.  Parking needs a little work, and turning, but over all pretty good start.  She was a little upset with me that we didn’t go out for longer but there is only so much my nerves can take. If you don’t know what I mean, you will when your own kids start to drive. Oh yes, you will.  She was thrilled to drive herself to work this weekend which is located on a fairly busy road, so that was a big accomplishment. A few more gray hairs for me, but hey, it’s worth it right?

She also got her offical permit in the mail this weekend – she was pretty excited.

How was your weekend?

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